Compsey Creamery

Quality AssuredQuality Assured

  • Quality has been the hallmark of Compsey Creamery since its inception in 1985.
  • The fact that Compsey Creamery's milk is sourced locally from grass-fed dairy herds in the mild Tipperary climate means that it is especially suited for processing into the Compsey product range.
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Extensive RangeExtensive Range

Compsey product range
  • Compsey's wide product range has allowed it to become a "one stop-shop" for a customer's fresh dairy products needs
  • A leading manufacturer and supplier in both the domestic and the UK foodservice sector.
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Customer CareCustomer Care

Carriers Service Providers
  • Compsey views the working relationship with its customers as more a partnership than an arms length supplier-customer type relationship.
  • With 80% of our business in the UK Compsey has a dedicated Sales Director Nigel Whittaker based there whose role is..
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News & EventsNews News & Events

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