Compsey Creamery

Quality AssuredQuality Assured

  • Quality has been the hallmark of Compsey Creamery since its inception in 1985.
  • The fact that Compsey Creamery's milk is sourced locally from grass-fed dairy herds in the mild Tipperary climate means that it is especially suited for processing into the Compsey product range.
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Extensive RangeExtensive Range

Compsey product range
  • Compsey's wide product range has allowed it to become a "one stop-shop" for a customer's fresh dairy products needs
  • A leading manufacturer and supplier in both the domestic and the UK foodservice sector.
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Customer CareCustomer Care

Carriers Service Providers
  • Compsey views the working relationship with its customers as more a partnership than an arms length supplier-customer type relationship.
  • With 80% of our business in the UK Compsey has a dedicated Sales Director Nigel Whittaker based there whose role is..
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News & EventsNews News & Events

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Budget adjustment to be 'significantly' smaller

The Minister for Finance has said that this year's Budget adjustment will be significantly less than the 2.1bn forecast at the start of the year.

Number of mortgages in arrears falls by 5%

The number of mortgages in arrears has fallen by almost 5% over the past three months according to new figures from the Central Bank.

Top beef men losing money despite 2013's record prices

Beef farmers were left nursing losses of up to 152/ha last year despite beef prices at the factories hitting a record high in 2013.

Summer celebration of blackberries and vocations

I know some reprise is anticipated but the summer of 2014 seems to have ended with a bang. One day the girls were frolicking around in the straw in the field and tramping barefoot through the dunes of barley in the shed; the next we were cutting kindling for the fire and BBC's Countryfile was telling us that Northern Ireland had recorded its lowest ever temperature for August.

Mayo man is young farmer of the year

Mayo were second best in their All-Ireland semi-final defeat last weekend but Ballina farmer Sean O'Donnell (33), inset, tasted success as he was crowned the FBD Young Farmer of the Year last night.