Compsey Creamery

Quality AssuredQuality Assured

  • Quality has been the hallmark of Compsey Creamery since its inception in 1985.
  • The fact that Compsey Creamery's milk is sourced locally from grass-fed dairy herds in the mild Tipperary climate means that it is especially suited for processing into the Compsey product range.
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Extensive RangeExtensive Range

Compsey product range
  • Compsey's wide product range has allowed it to become a "one stop-shop" for a customer's fresh dairy products needs
  • A leading manufacturer and supplier in both the domestic and the UK foodservice sector.
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Customer CareCustomer Care

Carriers Service Providers
  • Compsey views the working relationship with its customers as more a partnership than an arms length supplier-customer type relationship.
  • With 80% of our business in the UK Compsey has a dedicated Sales Director Nigel Whittaker based there whose role is..
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News & EventsNews News & Events

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ECB may make weaker states bear more QE risks

European Central Bank officials are considering ways to ensure weak countries that stand to gain most from a fresh round of money printing bear more of the risk and cost.

Western firms trying to cope with rouble's fall

Western companies are curtailing investments in Russia, repatriating funds and talking with their banks about currency hedges to protect profits from the falling rouble.

'We are one step away from a return to landlordism'

AS I sat in Buswells Hotel last Wednesday having a coffee with Michael Fitzmaurice, the newly-elected TD for Roscommon/South Leitrim, the adjoining streets were being cordoned off by gardaí in advance of the great water charges protest.

Comer set for 'comfortable' win in ICMSA presidential challenge

ICMSA leader John Comer is expected to comfortably win a challenge to his presidency which was tabled by West Cork national council member Stephen Shorten.

Coveney set for beef quotes showdown with processors

The Minister for Agriculture, Simon Coveney, and beef processors were on course for a pre-Christmas clash after the factories refused to quote this week for non-quality assured (QA) and heavy cattle.